Oncology Clinic


Oncology Clinic


Early detection is always better in cancer and gives the patient a better chance of survival. At Sunrays we are equipped to screen for a variety of cancer and start the appropriate treatment immediately. We screen for breast cancers, cervical cancer and uterine cancer.

The Sunrays Cancer Screening Clinic is a one-stop center that provides for the needs of women with cervical, uterus and ovarian cancer.

The services include

  • Cervix cancer can be prevented by screening with the Pap Smear. Early changes in the cervix can be seen long before a cancer develops and treating the cancer in this precancerous stage can prevent cervical cancer from occurring.
  • VIA/VILI with cervical biopsy offers improved diagnostic rates
  • Sonomammogram is done for female patients to screen and diagnose breast cancer
  • Endometrial sampling and office hysteroscopy helps to diagnose uterine cancers
  • Surgical and medical treatment done for cancers

Care and Support

Care for patients goes beyond medical grounds. Counseling sessions help cancer patients of all ages cope emotionally with their disease and treatment, and to adjust to life after cancer.