Hysteroscopy is a procedure used to examine the inner surface of the uterus, using a thin telescope to which a camera is attached and the image is reflected on the monitor. Hysteroscopy is a gold standard for diagnostic and management of heavy bleeding.

At Sunrays, Office hysteroscopy is done for selected patients giving them the comfort of OPD management and back to work on the same day.

Special Treatment

  • Most patients with AUB have uterine problems like polyps, fibroids, and thick endometrium. All these can be confirmed and treated simultaneously through hysteroscopy - See & Treat.
  • In fertility patients hysteroscopy is done prior to IUI/IVF to enhance success rate.
  • For correction of septum in case of recurrent pregnancy loss.
  • For patients with blocked tubes and infertility, tubal cannulation can be done. It increases their chance for successful natural conception.
  • For TCRE – Transcervical Resection of Endometrium is performed for women with heavy bleeding who wish to avoid hysterectomy (removal of uterus). It is the removal of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) using a resectoscope. TCRE offers 60 – 70% success rate in patients with AUB- thickened endometrium and avoids the need for major procedures like hysterectomy.
  • Removal of Foreign Bodies like Cu.T
  • Hysteroscopy can be done as a day care procedure helping patients spend less time in the hospital while recovering faster.


  • Day care procedure
  • No rest required post operatively
  • Can get back to work next day
  • But requires close monitoring and follow-up visits